Del Mar (Pt. I)


This shoot in Del Mar with Cedros Soles Boutique, Kara Donovan and Annie from Ivory & Grace was such a treat! I am the worst at planning ahead for trips and usually just like to go wherever the wind blows once we land (bad strategy, I know.) However I've had some of my favorite memories wandering through side streets and stopping in places in new cities that I never would have discovered if I had a strict itinerary. Caleb was in San Diego over the weekend for a bachelor party, and after it was over he extended his trip and I flew out for a glorious three days in sunny California! Los Angeles is my birth place and I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the west coast. People are just so laid back and effortlessly cool with their style in California. Plus, I love how focused on health and wellbeing everyone is (hello, acai bowls galore) and how open minded they are to trying new things. I could totally see myself spending a few years in one of the smaller beach towns like Del Mar just soaking up the sun and spending year-round outdoors. Every corner is so beautiful and photogenic! Since I didn't plan much this trip, I had no idea what I was going to wear for this shoot, just that I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery and collaborate with Annie. She is married to one of Caleb's college friends and it's been so fun getting to know her over the past year. Annie totally came to the rescue and got in touch with Cedros Soles to provide a few looks for the shoot, and asked Kara to shoot with us. Even though it was the crack of dawn and freeeeezing out, these girls made it so fun to spend an hour by the ocean shooting and watching the surfers and the sunrise. There's one more look from the shoot I'm excited to share, so be on the lookout for Pt. II soon. Links to the jacket and similar items (the dress and shoes are sold out online, although if you live near Del Mar they might still be at Cedros Soles!) are below. Happy Thursday, loves! 

You can shop my denim jacket below, as well as a similar dress and mules:

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