Camel Coat


This is outfit one of my all-time favorite color combinations! I love soft neutrals, and try to buy them as often as possible. It's too bad they get dirty so quickly and I'm definitely NOT the person who can eat spaghetti and drink red wine while wearing a cream sweater and somehow come out unscathed. Actually, the first week I owned this camel coat, I wore it out to a bar and a girl spilled her entire red, sticky drink on it!! I was frantically scrubbing it in the (single-person) bathroom while some other girl was getting increasingly upset at me and banging on the door. Safe to say I won't be wearing it to a bar again anytime soon. Anyways - I linked the same or similar items to what I am wearing in this post above, except for the Babaton Camel Coat which is available through Aritzia. I find it was SO worth it to invest a little bit into a coat that won't ever go out of style and that I can wear for years and years to come. 

Photography by Melissa of Iron & Honey

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