Wellllll hey there, happy Wednesday!

I don't know about you, but I'm still in winter mode over here in Chicago. Spring is trying to peek through, but failing miserably. So, I put together a "Spring-ish" look inspired by the closet limbo we are all currently experiencing. This isn't necessarily a bad limbo, if you think about it the right way. Read on to hear how I'm getting seriously inspired during the springtime waiting game.


Rather than complain about not being able to whip out our crop tops yet, let's look on the positive here, shall we? You can take all the cute things spring has to offer, like:

-woven bags
-swingy skirts
-pretty colors from nature (like ocean blues)

and combine them with all the great things that winter has to offer, such as:

-comfy sweaters
-texture play
-not shaving your legs. 


In all seriousness, though...one thing I've learned this winter is that the power of what we choose to verbalize really affects what we dwell on. In winters past, I've complained about how cold and dreary it was all the way through until May. And you know what? I NEVER felt better. In fact, I realized this winter that making a concerted effort to cut the habit of negative talk about the weather out of my vocabulary has actually made me happier with...the weather. 

Weird, right??

Ok, maybe it's obvious to you, but it took me 25 years to learn this lesson. What we choose to verbalize affects how we think. Not only have I been in a better mood about the weather and more at peace with my circumstances, but I'm sure I've been much less annoying to be around for my dear, patient husband and friends. Now, I'm ready to apply this to other areas of my life!

What about you? Are there things you complain about on a daily or weekly basis that you have no control over? Try making a conscious effort to not verbalize those negative thoughts for just one week. I think you'll be surprised a) how hard it is and b) how those negative thoughts kind of float away once you're not reinforcing them on the daily! 


Let me know if you have any other tips for keeping your spirits up while waiting for spring, I'd love to hear them!

Photography by Iron and Honey

Jacket by Forever 21 (old, similar here)| Sweater by Free People | Skirt by Anthropologie (old, similar here)| Booties by Dolce Vita (lots of similar options here) | Bag by Ellen & James

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