Styling Jeans + My Current Favorite Things


Hey babes, happy Monday! To celebrate a fresh start to the week, I'm kicking off a new format for my blog posts. I'll be sharing a little bit more of myself in the coming months - my thought process behind styling outfits, favorite places in Chicago, and general life hacks I'm into at the moment. What better way to start things off than with this dreamy minimal shoot I did wearing James Jeans with Louie Abellera a few weeks ago?

When I first started Knot Basics, I was terrified to share more than a few lines about myself or my thoughts. I figured that all people really wanted to see was great style photos, and I should keep my personality to myself (uhhh, like that would last...)

But seriously, I was SO self conscious about saying the wrong thing or rubbing people the wrong way that I hid my true self behind short captions and impersonal blog posts. What's hilarious about this now is that in the beginning when I started this blog and I was the most nervous about what people would think, I also had zero people reading it (except maybe my mom.)

I'm so thrilled to share more with you guys and to HEAR more from you as well. Please let me know what you think of this new format on my Instagram post or in the comments on this blog post - I really want to hear from you!

Scroll down for the first installment of my current favorite things for March.


My Current Favorite Things

Email subscription: Girls' Night In
I just subscribed to GNI a few weeks ago, and kind of forgot that I did until I received my first email on a Friday morning. This punchy newsletter is like reading a breakdown from your best friend of her current self-care routine, favorite reads, and most interesting articles of the week. Reading this in my sleepy half-awake state on Friday mornings has become a ritual I look forward to, and has made me feel a lot more okay with staying in on a Friday night (it's cool!!)

Music Track: Blind Man by Xavier Omär
This song is crazy good. Like, listen-to-it-three-times-in-a-row-the-first-time-you-hear-it good. Yes, I did do that. If you needed more convincing that he's amazing, here's an interview titled "Meet Xavier Omär, The Crooner Putting Respect For Women Back At The Forefront Of R&B." Shout out to my friend Tessa for introducing me to this song on the way to church a few weeks ago! 

Skincare: Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum
Yeah, okay. I'm wayyyyy behind on this skincare miracle. Sunday Riley is widely considered to be the best of the best by top skincare experts, and I just discovered her line, uhhh, six months ago? But prior to last year, I was a super low-key wash & go type of girl. Combining this serum with some of my favorite products from Darphin and Mario Badescu in the past year has been a game changer in preventing breakouts and making my skin tone more even. I have some discoloration from cystic acne in my college years (yikes) and Good Genes is already working on those spots after a month of using it.

Chicago Hot Spot: Punch Bowl Social
The Chicago location in Fulton Market is pretty new, but if you don't live in Chicago, you're in luck because they actually have locations all over the country. You can check here if there's one near you. This place is HUGE. They have an arcade, bowling lanes, virtual reality, karaoke, photo booth, even a cute laundry mat setup to take Insta-worthy pics in front of. On top of that they're a bar/restaurant and have both healthy and really unhealthy options, depending what mood you're in (or if you're me you get nachos and a salad to even it out.) Grab a group of friends and get here, stat. 

Home/Apartment Item: Sunday Morning Minimalist Candle
I just smelled this for the first time today and immediately went online and ordered one for myself and one for a friend. It smells like you woke up in the clean country home of your dreams, surrounded by flowers, citrus and fresh linens. If you didn't have time to clean your apartment this weekend, this candle will trick you into thinking you did. 


First look: James Jeans Donna in Artisan and Lauren Moshi Heart Tee
Second look: Aritzia Camisole, Converse Sneakers and James Jeans Twiggy in Victory

Thanks to Louie Abellera for being the best photographer/friend and letting me invade your apartment and get croissant crumbs all over the couch.

I hope you guys have a killer week - and don't forget to let me know what you think in the comments or on my Insta post!